Miaobot Zero is my submission to Yuri Game Jam 2021. Play it in your browser (including on your phone) or download the Game Boy Color ROM for free! 

If you pay $1 or more, you can download a completed save file for the ROM with all the endings unlocked as well as the GB Studio project files with placeholder assets.

The soundtrack is available here!


  • Puzzle-like shoot 'em up! - Stages are quick, and enemies follow specific patterns
  • Four different endings! - Plus a hidden fifth ending
  • Playstyle customization! - Protect yourself with stronger barriers or sacrifice your defenses to deal critical damage
  • Military propaganda in children's media! - Cool robots
  • Relationship with a despotic empress! - Probably not ideal
  • Mysterious side couple giving you hints! - Who are these strange girlfriends?


Generations ago, the Surface became nearly uninhabitable, and most of the planet's surviving population resettled in either the Underground Sector's subterranean empire or the Sky Sector's floating cities powered by newly discovered alien technology.

Now, in this prequel to After the End with Miaobot, the two superstates are locked in a bitter war over resources and the future of life on the Surface, but the Sky Sector has the edge in technology and production capacity.

The Underground Sector's best hope is Miaobot Zero, a giant catlike mecha piloted by a highly advanced AI, which was commissioned by Her Majesty the Empress herself. Almost nobody knows why Her Majesty, who keeps her personal life under wraps, has taken such an interest in this specific machine, but there are rumors that someone involved in the project might have a history with her...


(GB & touchscreen equivalents in parentheses)

  • Move (D-pad) - arrow keys
  • Confirm/shoot (A) - Z
  • Cancel/shoot (B) - X
  • Pause menu (Start or Select) - Enter or Shift

Hold down A or B to speed up text. You can alternate between both A and B to shoot if you find it easier to play that way.

The pause menu has an option to restart the stage you're on without any penalty for being defeated.

Sava data: Data will be saved automatically after finishing each run. Because of how embedded games work on itch.io, third-party cookies need to be enabled if you want to retain your save data.


Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Made withGB Studio, GraphicsGale
TagsCute, Game Boy, LGBT, Mechs, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, Robots, Sci-fi, Short, Yuri
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone
LinksSoundtrack, Twitter


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miaobot_zero.gb 256 kB
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Miaobot Zero Project Files.zip 313 kB
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(1 edit) (+1)

Super fun game, thank you!!!!!

Purple Drills and Gungengs are pure evil creatures......... but they're nothing against an aimbot.........

(1 edit) (+1)

this game is fun but getting the aimbot ending is so hard... my best is still only a 27. hopefully that'll also give me clues to unlocking the secret fifth ending.

edit: I got the fourth and fifth endings, yay!



cute, short game with a killer soundtrack!


this is really cool! it took me a while to get to the 4th end but i'm really glad i did 💔