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I have no idea if anyone else actually needs this, but I made a simple desktop application that calculates the length of one beat, one measure, and your whole song in seconds based on the song's tempo, beats per measure, and number of measures. The entry fields can include decimals.

The executable in the ZIP file is only for Windows, but if you have Python (2 or 3) installed, you can run music_timing_calculator.py on any operating system (There are no external dependencies). If you're not using Windows, it's pretty likely your OS came with Python pre-installed.

If you just need the calculator without the GUI in Ren'Py, put music_timing_calculator.py in the same folder as your game's code so you can import it. The numbers are stored internally as floats and not rounded to 3 decimal places like in the GUI. Example usage:

init python:
    from music_timing_calculator import MusicTimingCalculator
    calc = MusicTimingCalculator(tempo=120, beats_per_measure=4, num_measures=16)
    # Now you can use calc.one_beat, calc.one_measure, calc.song_length
    # and calc.song_length_min in your code

I got the idea to make this from Sleepy Agents.


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