• x - confirm
  • left/right arrow keys - move Time (your character)
  • up/down arrow keys - limit Time's fast forward effect
  • p - pause game

The goal is to reach the character Space. Stars provide power for Time's fast forward effect, and obstacles reduce her power. Reaching 0 power causes a game over. Time also loses power at a constant rate, and the frequency of obstacles increases at a constant rate. Limiting Time's fast forward effect temporarily increases these rates and reduces the effectiveness of stars.

Plot (?)

This game is loosely based on the visual novel Her Tears Were My Light.

Time fails to save Space in the previous timeline, so she returns to the past to try again. However, this time, Nil appears early and latches on to Time's frame of reference in the current timeline, draining her power with each passing second from her perspective and using it to create obstacles. Now Time must collect stars to increase her ability to fast forward through time and reach Space before Nil can trap her.


The soundtrack for this game is based on the original Her Tears Were My Light soundtrack (also by me), but the level theme is more specifically a remix of the fake battle theme I made for Nil.

You can view the game's source code here.

7/1/2019 UPDATE: You can now get this game's soundtrack on Bandcamp!


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Super cute and fun! <3


Very nice! Love it!  I would definitely like to do a challenge on who can travel the furthest distance!


Thanks! I was considering adding something like that, but PICO-8 has pretty strict limits on a lot of things, including numbers, which wrap around at 32767. I'd have to change a lot of the code that handles distance to create a workaround (Internally, the distance is higher than what you see on screen). Maybe in the future though, if I feel like revisiting this game.


THIS IS SO NEAT!!! great work <3

Thanks, Nami!